Monthly Archives: August 2008

Reaal World, Indeed!

Natsuo Kirino is back! She’s a Japanese author who writes mystery/suspense/social commentary/feminist manifesto sorts of books. Her latest effort translated into English is “Real World,” and like “Out,” which I also enjoyed immensely, it grabs you by the throat and won’t let you go until you’ve finished it. This time, a high school girl “witnesses” a neighbor boy murdering his mother. She and three of her friends get entangled with the young man’s flight from justice, and in the process we get to see into each of their own “real worlds.” Strange, disturbing, but very difficult to put down.


Talking About Running…and Life

I just finished “What I Talk About When I Talk About Running,” by Haruki Murakami.

He’s written several novels and short story collections that have been translated into English and published here, but this book is entirely different. It’s a memoir about running, and the role it has played in his life since he started over 30 years ago. This isn’t a “missionary tract” about running and why we should all do it. It’s much reflective than that, and definitely worth the short time it takes to read it (its under 200 pages).

Murakami suggests that he’d like to see this sentence on his gravestone when the time comes: “At least he never walked.” I endorse his sentiments 100%!